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Coronavirus in China – insights on the impacts and opportunities for change

Source: World Economic Forum

Written by Zhu Ning, Professor, PBC School of Finance; Associate Dean, National Institute of Financial Research, Tsinghua University | Edward Tse, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Gao Feng Advisory Company | Tang Ning, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, CreditEase | Wu Tian, VP, Baidu Corporate | Li Xin, Managing Director, Caixin Global, Caixin Media | Dai Qian, Programme Specialist, World Economic Forum Beijing

  • The crisis has built the basis for more professional and transparent public-private partnerships in China.

  • Investors could seize opportunities in the long-term trend of technological innovation and capital market reform.

  • The entrepreneurial spirit is now vital to Chinese businesses.

The recent outbreak of COVID-19 in China has led to significant impacts on businesses and industries. Through a webinar hosted by the World Economic Forum Beijing Office, here are the insights from top-level Global Future Council members, business and media leaders on how China is reacting to mitigate the impacts, adapt to the changes, and preparing for the bounce back in new opportunities.

China’s government becomes more transparent

Social media, such as WeChat and Weibo, has played an important role in reflecting public opinion during the outbreak, prompting the Chinese government to respond and adjust policies accordingly.

Public-private partnership has been strengthened in this outbreak – the Chinese government is expected to be more open for collaboration, while business has developed capabilities and a willingness to contribute more to public goods. This builds the base of a more professional and transparent collaboration for public agendas.

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