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We must catch everyone in the coronavirus safety net

by Caroline Molloy | Source: openDemocracy

I am lucky, but millions are not. The government must guarantee a liveable income for everyone – now. It will save lives.

I woke up this morning feeling grateful. I’m incredibly lucky. I’ve got a nice boss, reasonable health, a home I feel safe in, and a job I can do from home. And many other blessings.

I’m scared, too. Like you. Scared of what the coming months will look like. Scared for loved ones. Scared because – like 7.7 million others in the UK – I live alone, and the lockdown announced last night means I may not see another human being, except those I see across the street on my daily walk, for who knows how long.

But I want to be a good citizen. I’ve seen the pictures from Italy and Spain. I know what’s happened to the NHS in recent years. I’ve many friends who are NHS workers.

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