Creative Execution

Personal attention

Crisis communication counsel

Reputation Management through SEO

Immediate response 

Privacy and confidentiality

Closed source information

There is a story that lies beneath.

Let your truth be told.

We combine our expertise and network to develop unique strategic communication plans and execute them discreetly.


Our priority is confidentiality.

We take Pride in offering unique solutions that deliver results in record time.

Efficient Solutions across borders to expand your media coverage

Cutting Edge Communication

Almost everyone in the world spends time online, which means if you’re thinking about strategic communication, you’re thinking digitally. This trend is...

PR in the 21st Century

A sustainable company is a responsible company, and that’s good for the planet, people, and for profit. Acting ethically also enhances our own reputation...

Digital Strategic Communication

GEO Strategic Partners is committed to creatively executing strategic communications plans across Africa...

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