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"In today's complex, fast-moving environment, if you are working in communications inside an agency, ministry, government office, or even the President's office, you need to master global media strategies and the latest media tools.


As both a practitioner and trainer, I can attest that Geo Strategic Partners is the most experienced firm that I know  of running both media campaigns and offering world-class customised training for its clients".

David Applefield

Special projects, Financial Times

"Effective strategic communication is key to ensuring a clear and consistent presentation of one's own narrative. To do it well, its really important to focus on action much more than theory. In that sense, one of the most useful ways of improving is through practice and interacting with experienced practitioners.


That's the approach offered by Geo Strategic. As someone who loves discussing and sharing my many years of experience in this field with others, I am pleased to be a member of Geo Strategic's accomplished network of advisers and trainers".

Maximilian Jarrett

BBC presenter,

UN communications team leader and Africa progress Panel Director

"A country's public face is created by its communications team. They have to be able to orchestrate campaigns on multiple levels. 

Just issuing press releases and maintaining a website isn't enough. Governments play on the world stage. To reach that level you need the best training possible. GEO communications offers that training".

Michael Macy

Senior Foreign Service Officer

U.S. State Department (Ret)

"You can't go out to the public sphere without a strategy. Your communication should be considered priority number one before any of your stakeholders if you want your message to go trough and policies to really succeed. 

In today's world of accelerated yet fragmented information, he who has a communication strategy that unifies the message has the upper hand and leads the conversation."

Francesc Dalmases

Co-Founder of

Open Democratia

"I have worked with Caroline Ah King on several projects, the biggest of which was the production of a world-class documentary – Made in Central Africa: from a Vicious to a Virtuous Circle – a project of the United nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA).


As the project initiator, proposer/researcher from the ECA side, Caroline managed the production side. Caroline’s great professionalism made it possible.

Throughout my collaboration with her on that and other projects, Caroline proved a very well organised professional who anticipates, solves problems, work seamlessly with teams and brings a fresh sense of discernment on directions to take.

At GEO Strategic Partners, Caroline will be an invaluable partner for your content creation, production, distribution and public relations needs."

Abel Akara Ticha

Communication Officer, Subregional Office for Central Africa, UNECA

"I enjoyed working with GEO Strategic Partners to provide client communications training.


Two weeks of capacity strengthening that lent much value to our trainees".




Richard Uku

Former Director of Communications & Public Affairs, Commonwealth Secretariat

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