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Our role is to expand your reach and visibility by increasing your brand recognition, amplify the relationships between you and your stakeholders, and put forward a narrative that is consistent at all times.




Strategic Partners?

We are determined to be seen as a responsible and trustworthy company when it comes to sustainability, which will be part of our internal culture and external image. We create the same methodology in our clients' campaigns and relationships.


Acting ethically also enhances our reputation, so long as we are being authentic. Sustainability is not simply about procurement; the conversations we start must of course be impactful, but also truthful and easy to understand. 

Digital Strategic Communication

GEO Strategic Partners is committed to creatively executing strategic communications plans regardless of the geographical region: Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America. As our name suggests, the emphasis is always on strategy.


We identify unique opportunities to put our clients in the limelight by sharing our contacts and including them in our networks that will support their expansion. We create impact value added services by:

1.  Pushing back traditions with creative solutions

2. Getting data from the media and other experts

3. Including a social media campaign that increases the results

We work fast and efficiently because that’s what is expected.


The digital world provides instant, statistical feedback as to how well a campaign is doing, and we will always invite clients to sit down and crunch the numbers with us because we’re confident in what we do. It is as easy as one, two, three.

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RELOCATION Services including Citizenship

If the biggest impact of Covid-19 pandemic has been remote working, then it would be ideal that the location of your present home be in a comfortable space where one can separate home life and professional life with not only sound-proof walls, but also enough inspiration coming from the view of the window. 


While the trend in the last 3 decades had been to live in urban cities for easier access to meetings, ease of movement in the center of business districts combined with unique entertainment; today’s Covid-19 pandemic has certainly put a stop to that. 


At GEO Strategic Partners, we have a team of capable and experienced administrators who will ensure that your relocation becomes a discrete and smooth transition. 


We provide a full one stop service package, that will provide a cost and time effective solution to relocation without disrupting your professional daily activities.


For further details, and to speak to someone about your specific needs. Email us at

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