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Why Us

"The emergence and rapid development of social media led to a radical change in the manner people communicate and get informed, erasing geographical and language barriers. The use of social media platforms, both for personal and professional purposes, is part of our everyday life globally, but this type of connectivity came at a cost.


The dynamics and complexity of social networking tools allowed the configuration of new types of risks and threats for all types of entities, from individuals to corporations or even governmental institutions.


There has never been a higher need for a strategic communication approach like Geo Strategic offers with a group of experts fully capable of understanding today’s challenges and of identifying the best ways to face these.”

Anne Raduta, Ph.D Information and National Security

Integrity, sustainability, responsibility, and trustworthiness are at the core of our internal culture and external image. These values guide our methodology in our clients’ campaigns and relationships. 


Acting ethically is important to us. We are committed to maintaining the highest level of ethical standards in the conduct of our work and in pursuing our clients’ objectives. Our reputation for acting fairly is built on our values as a company and the values of the people who work for us. As part of our commitment to ethical business practices, we will not tolerate acts of bribery or corruption.

Business Meeting

Upgrade and Stay Ahead

To stay ahead, we direct company leaders to use technology and digital media tools to make business decisions and communicate with their stakeholders. Leaders use social media platforms. The 21st century is a social media era of leadership. Traditional PR such as Press releases are becoming obsolete because of the delay in the reception time. MUCKRACK State of PR 2019 indicated that PR pros are spending 53% of their time monitoring news and 98% are working towards engaging with relevant journalists.

Own the Narrative in the Disinformation Era

We can offer new clients the ability to harness the capacities required to excel and dominate media and communication while giving less attention to the perception of their limitations.


After all, Fake news, or intended malignant news , is intended to sell news and to influence public opinion who are not familiar with the topic. It seeks to  promote something beyond the normal level of advocacy.

Knowledge is Power

Nothing is protecting you from criticism anymore. With success comes vulnerabilities. When your company has been defamed and attacked, its not just about a crisis communication plan. We provide real-time on the ground, intelligence that can prevent a bad business decision that can ultimately affect your reputation.

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