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5 books to add on your list

Updated: Feb 8

Europe is returning from summer, the schools are starting again, and businesses are back. In the opposite south, Africa is entering spring, temperatures will rise, and it is time to go full steam ahead to the end of the year. Either way, a new season is always an opportunity to restart fresh and take the chance to add new books to the list.

The benefits of reading books on your daily routine go from strengthening the brain and reducing stress to learning and increasing the ability to empathize. Always toward improvement and searching for information, our team separated five fascinating books involving history, diplomacy, humanity, business, and economy, from experienced writers who emotionally describe into words historical events from Africa, Middle East, and Asia.

- A Red Line in the Sand - Diplomacy, Strategy, and the History of Wars That Might Still Happen - by David A. Andelman

“The riveting and illuminating behind-the-scenes stories of the world's most intense “red lines," from diplomatic and military challenges at particular turning points in history to the ones that set the tone of geopolitics today. More red lines exist in the world today than at any other single moment in history. Whether it was the red line in Munich that led to the start of the Second World War, to the red lines in the South China Sea, the Korean Peninsula, Syria and the Middle East.”

- Of Love & War - by Lynsey Addario

"Pulitzer Prize–winning photojournalist and MacArthur Fellow Lynsey Addario has spent the last two decades bearing witness to the world’s most urgent humanitarian and human rights crises. Traveling to the most dangerous and remote corners to document crucial moments such as Afghanistan under the Taliban immediately before and after the 9/11 attacks, Iraq following the US-led invasion and dismantlement of Saddam Hussein’s government, and western Sudan in the aftermath of the genocide in Darfur, she has captured through her photographs visual testimony not only of war and injustice but also of humanity, dignity, and resilience."

- Africa's Silk Road: China and India's New Economic Frontier - by Harry G. Broadman

"The book highlights the need for complementary reforms by China and India to support more vigorous African development. In analyzing Africa's intensifying relationships with China and India, Africa's Silk Road examines the trends to date and considers the implications of these developments for the economic future of the African continent."

- Leaving the Tarmac - by Aigboje Aig-Imoukhuede

"An important business autobiography of its generation, focused on a critical segment of Nigeria’s economic history – the spectacular banking sector revolution of the last thirty years. The book delivers as an important economic history document not only in the narrow area of corporate finance and banking, but also in terms of a broader understanding of Nigeria."

- The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man - by John Perkins

"Economic hit men are the shock troops of what Perkins calls the corporatocracy, a vast network of corporations, banks, colluding governments, and the rich and powerful people tied to them. If the EHMs can’t maintain the corrupt status quo through nonviolent coercion, the jackal assassins swoop in. The heart of this book is a completely new section, over 100 pages long, that exposes the fact that all the EHM and jackal tools—false economics, false promises, threats, bribes, extortion, debt, deception, coups, assassinations, unbridled military power—are used around the world today exponentially more than during the era Perkins exposed over a decade ago."

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